Race day programmes from both the original Hartfield Road circuit and the new Dawson Road circuit in 1961. Thanks to Mrs Rhonda Good for donating her programme collection to the West Coast Motor Museum.

Keith Hahn gets a little crossed-up in the Garvey Motor Wreckers Holden. Check out the collection of cars in the background.

Very early hot rods when some unique creations were the order of the day.

Tim Holt in his awesome little hot rod.

Hot Rod pioneer Geoff Brown, (white helmet-lower left), makes his way to the start finish line at Forrestfield c1968.

The hot rods were the original class at Forrestfield Speedway. This image was taken at the Dawson Road track.

Ted Martin in his unique fire engine red chariot #18. Ted and his younger brother Kim were regular competitors in the hot rod division for many years.

Reg Leach displays his hot rod and plenty of his silverware from his success at Forrestfield Speedway.